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How To Play VOB files on VLC player

The file format vob is a DVD format that can contain audio, video, subtitles and menus. To play VOB files, you must understand how they work.  What is in the file depends on the DVD that it came from. DVDs with lots of special features and extra languages and subtitles will have bigger vob files on them then basic DVD movies that only have the feature film on them. Most people would not know that they existed because DVD players that hook up to televisions don’t display any information about what is on the DVD. All you see is the menu that was created so that you can watch the movie and any extra bits and pieces that where added. But now that a DVD compatible drive is common place in most computers, average people are becoming aware of the actual files on the DVDs they purchase. Some people also make copies of these vob files and then make copies of the DVDs they came from. But nowadays most companies encrypt their DVDs so that they cannot be copied easily.
But sometimes you just want to watch DVDs on your computer because it’s more convenient or your DVD player is not working. Whatever the reason is, there are program like the VLC player that will allow you to play vob files from your computer. Now you may try to use whatever media player that you have installed on your computer and come across problems. That is because most vob files on DVDs are now encrypted and can be read only by DVD players that now where the decryption codes are, which is in a very specific spot right on the DVD itself. Not all media players that you can use on your computer are designed to look for these decryption codes, so you have to go for the programs that are written specifically for DVD playback. The VLC player is capable of playing vob files, because it is able to tell your DVD drive where to look for the decryption codes. It operates just like any other stand alone DVD player would and in some cases may give you more control over the rewinding, fast forwarding and skipping chapters then a DVD player can. But that depends on what DVD player you have so you have to decide for yourself if playing vob files on the VLC player is worth it. No matter what your opinion, playing vob files on the VLC player will suffice if you have nothing else.


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