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How to Play OGM Files on VLC

Files with the extension OGM are video files using the OGG file format for compression. To play OGM files, you should understand that the OGG file format was developed by the Xiph.Org foundation as a free, open source format for video, audio, and metadata. Unlike other video and audio formats, which are restricted by software patents and often only work with one specific program. It also offers a better compression method for high quality files. Multiple codex, including Theora for video and Speex for human speech, are combined to make a more powerful yet flexible file format. The OGG file format is not the most common audio file format yet, but it is gaining popularity, with both audiophiles looking for a higher quality alternative to MP3s and with software developers looking for a free file format to use.
The OGM format was developed in 2002. The OGG file format had no formal video support before then, but has issues, such as being limited to mostly Windows only tools. It’s no longer supported or developed, but it’s still widely used for video storage, despite the newer .ogv format being more flexible and able to work with Linux and Mac systems. Because this file format has been discontinued, not all open source video players can play these files. VLC, an open source video player that can play most file formats and supports most codecs, is one of the few to offer full .ogm support. VLC is also a cross-platform program, working on Windows, Linux, and Mac based systems. Playing OGM files on VLC is usually very simple.
VLC comes equipped with the proper codecs to read OGM files. Playing OGM files on VLC is as simple as double clicking on the OGM file. It should start playing automatically in the VLC player. If it doesn’t, it’s often because the system hasn’t been restarted between installing VLC and attempting to play the file. Some systems need to be restarted when file formats are associated with new programs. This depends on the operating system as well. Some operating systems may require a right click and a choice such as “Play this File in VLC Player” being chosen.
Playing OGM files on VLC tends to be the best way to use the OGM file format. Other players offer some OGM support, and codex can be downloaded for almost all players, but VLC is one of the few to maatch the OGM file format completely.


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    one of the best media players available. very nice

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