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How To Play OGG Files on VLC

As you play OGG files, you will notice that the format is possibly one of the greatest formats available today. While MP3′s are definitely the most familiar of audio formats, that does not necessarily make MP3 the best format. The OGG format has several advantages over the MP3 format.

Technically, there are many individual formats that can be used with the OGG format. OGG Vorbis is perhaps the most common of these. OGG Vorbis aims at providing high quality musical playback with the minimal amount of memory usage. Playing OGG files on VLC is one of the best ways for minimizing memory usage when playing back music.

Most people don’t realize how big of a difference a switch to OGG Vorbis from MP3 could make. Let’s imagine for a moment that you had a 10 Gigabyte MP3 player. This means that, on average, you could hold approximately 170 hours worth of music on it. This is where OGG Vorbis can make a big impression. OGG Vorbis takes advantage of the fact that there are some parts of sound that human ears don’t notice or that speakers aren’t capable of producing. This enables OGG Vorbis to drop out some of the extraneous information. That same 10 Gigabytes could be used to hold as much as 590 hours worth of music if you used OGG Vorbis! This is over a 300% increase in the amount of music that you can store on your music player. Not only can you store more music, but the music retains the same type of quality in playback that you would expect from your music files. OGG Vorbis is a truly amazing format to use.

By converting your music files to OGG, you are able to save on valuable memory. Playing OGG files on VLC is extremely useful in this regard: you are both minimizing harddrive memory usage and RAM memory usage. This helps to ensure that your computer remains responsive. VLC player is one of the best music and video players available. In fact, up until recently, playing OGG files on VLC was about your only choice if you wanted to take advantage of OGG Vorbis’ amazing compression rates.


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    I have several ogg files from old films downloaded online. VLC is the only player that worked.

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