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How To Play MXF Files on VLC

Material eXchange Format ( MXF ) is a container or a wrapper format for digital audio and video media defined by a set of standards defined by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers ( SMPTE ). To play MXF files, you should know that it is an open file format aimed at the interchange of audio and video material with associated data. It has full timecode support and metadata support and is intended as a platform agnostic sable standard for professional audio and video applications to evolve. Basically it has been designed for, one: to address problems with other formats, two: improving file based interoperability between servers, workstations and other content-creation devices. With these improvements there would be improved workflows and more efficient working practices than are possible with mixed and proprietary file formats available these days. Material eXchange Format carries a subset of the Advanced Authoring Format ( AAF ) data model, under the Zero Divergence Directive ( ZDD ) policy. This enables MXF/AAF workflows between NLE ( Non Linear Editing ) systems using AAF and cameras, servers, and other devices using MXF. MXF is an open standard, that is it is a file transfer format which is available to all interested parties. It does have a specific compression scheme, and it simplifies the integration of systems using MPEG and DV as well as yet unspecified, compression strategies, it means that the transportation of these different files will not dictate the use of specific manufacturers’ equipment and also will be independent of content. Any required processing can simply be achieved by automatically invoking the appropriate hardware or software codec. Workflows combining the eVTR, Avid NLE systems, and broadcast servers using MXF in coordination with AAF can be done through this format.

VLC player is an open source media player developed by the Video Lan project. It is a very useful tool for viewing many different media formats, on multiple computer platforms. Playing MXF files on VLC can be achieved by some methods. To be able to play them you can use Avid or Canopus editing software, or use RayLight and use any of these to convert the MXF files into .AVI files that can be easily played in VLC by downloading a codec like divX codec. Another method for playing MXF files on VLC is by using the Mainconcept Reference codec, by installing this codec you can directly run your MXF files on the VLC media player. Through this you should be playing MXF files on VLC media player with ease.


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    Amazing. It works on almost every music file I have. Thank you for sharing.



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    very easy to d-load and works like magic

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