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How To Play AVI Files on VLC

Learning how to Play AVI files on VLC is as easy as opening a file!

AVI is an acronym for Audio Video Interleave, a type of multimedia file format introduced by Microsoft in 1992. As the format name implies, AVI files can contain audio or video files or both together in an appropriate timing sequence to produce a digital movie. When playing AVI files on VLC, the playback can be either sound only, video only, or both depending on the content of the file. AVI files can also be sent as streaming files. Streaming files are sent in chunks and are downloaded in the background while the media begins playing even though the entire media file is not present. AVI is often referred to (incorrectly) as a CODEC. A CODEC is a computer program that is capable of coding and decoding (hence the name CODEC) digital files. The files may be coded from analog to digital for example, or coded for compression. The CODEC can also decode the file from digital into analog, sound produced by a sound card for example, or decompressed for use. Media files are generally presented in a container format, which specifies how the data is stored. AVI is actually a container format and not a CODEC.

VLC is a free multimedia player that is able to understand the AVI file container format and either play the audio data, display the video data, or do both at the same time without the need for additional CODECS. Playing AVI files on VLC literally is as easy as opening a file. Here’s a simple step-by-step procedure for playing AVI files on VLC.

1) After you have downloaded and installed the VLC player, open the VLC media player.
2) The VLC media player will display on your screen. On the menu bar, click on “Media.”
3) A drop-down window appears. Click on “Open File” and navigate to the location of the AVI file.
4) Click on the file in the “Select one or more files to open” window or once you are in the folder that the file is located in, type the name of the file in the “File name” window.
5) Click on the “Open” button. The file will load and the VLC media player will begin playing it automatically.

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