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How To Play ASF Files on VLC

ASF stands for Advanced Systems Format, formerly known as Advanced Streaming Format or Active Streaming Format. To play ASF files is to use Microsoft Corporation’s proprietary digital video and digital audio container format, which is essentially for streaming. This format is part of Windows Media Framework. It is based basically on serialized objects which are essentially byte sequences. These files often contain .WMA ( Windows Media Audio ) or .WMV ( Windows Media Video ) data. Advanced Systems Format is a highly compressed format that contains streaming audio and video. ASF is an open file format for streaming multimedia files consisting of Text, Sound, Graphics, Animation and Video. It does not define for any media streams within the file, instead it defines a extensible file container that is not dependent on a particular operating system or communication protocol, or on a particular method used to compose the data stream in the file. When this type of file is played back text is delivered as a continuous flow of data. Do not have to wait for the whole video and audio file to download fully before you start to view them. This file format is specially designed to run on networks. When a .AVI file is compressed and converted to an .ASF file, the file begins playing after only a few seconds. This file format consists of three objects: a Data object containing the media streams, a Header object containing information about the file itself and an optional Index object that can help support random access to data within the file.

Playing ASF files through VLC requires some appropriate procedure. VLC has a cross platform interface for windows. Playing ASF files through VLC is a little work. If you have a link just copy it or open the video link in your browser and select properties by right clicking on the windows media window and copy the URL of the location. Start the VLC, select File tab, open Network Stream, select HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS and paste the URL, select Stream/Save under Advanced Options and click on Settings, select Outputs and Play locally and File, select ASF as Encapsulation Method. And now your VLC should start play and also capture the video to the file. By doing all this now you should be able to play ASF files on VLC.

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  1. Felipe says:

    tnx for sharing this wonderful palyer

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    Thank you for the instruction. I finally got my videos

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    yesss! it works!

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    very good info about the file

  5. Ben Ito says:

    I normally use windows media player to play asf but I ran into problems with MP10 recently. VLC worked very smoothly.

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