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How To Play AIFF Files on VLC

Have you ever wanted to play sound files created in a native Macintosh format on a PC? You can Play AIFF files on VLC, which allows you to do just that. AIFF is an acronym for Audio Interchange File Format, a sound file type that was used beginning in the late 1980′s, and is still used today on Macintosh computers. The original AIFF files were sound files that were not compressed however there are variants that exist today that are compressed. When AIFF files were first developed, they had to be played on a Macintosh computer, Windows based computers did not understand the file type. Therefore, sounds recorded on a Macintosh computer could not be played under another operating system unless the file was converted into some other format (such as a Windows based WAV file). This made exchanges of sound files between these two types of operating systems very tedious, because the earliest versions of media players could not simply “convert the file on the fly” and play it. Until a converter program was developed, it might be necessary to record the same sound twice, once for each format.

Today however, playing AIFF files on VLC is a cinch. That’s because VLC is a cross-platform media player that requires no additional CODEC or external program to work. And since it’s cross-platform, it works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Syllable. If you know the general process to open any file, than you can play an AIFF on VLC. AIFF files can be played on VLC using the following process.

First you need to download the VLC player installer file and follow the directions to install the player. Once the files are installed on your system, start the VLC media player according to your operating system. When the VLC player first opens and it has not been associated with a specific file, you will see the menu bar of the VLC player displayed on your screen in a separate window. Choose “Media” to activate a drop-down menu. On this menu choose “Open File” and got to the folder that contains your AIFF file. Use the “Open File” menu to select the AIFF file (or key in the file name). Finally, choose the “Open” button and the VLC player will play the AIFF file.


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