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How to play 3GP Files on VLC’s 3GP Player

3GP is a multimedia file format which is commonly used to display multimedia files on cellular telephones.  The 3GP Player basically is a variation of the MPEG-4 media container which is the most popular form of container used in personal computing. To play 3GP files in VLC Media Player is achieved by use of the 3GP media container. It is very close to the MP4 file format and can use many of the same media containers containers including h.264 and h.263 which are common in high definition content.

The VLC Media Player started as a project in 1996 as a way to stream multimedia files over college campuses using their local networks. It was originally developed by students in Paris, but has since been open to development for developers around the globe. Since its inception, it has changed from a server/client structure to a strictly client structure due to the removal of the local networks it was so dependent on at first. It is now hosted locally on a PC and used as an executable file with no server interface whatsoever. The latest release was in October of 2009 and is the current release. This release is the result of over 13 years of research. Playing 3GP files in VLC Media Player is achieved by use of the 3GP media container. Playing 3GP files on VLC Media Player is a much better solution then playing 3GP files on a cellular telephone due to being able to use it for playing 3GP files on VLC Media Player.

The VLC media 3GP player is a free, open source media player, that is part of the VideoLan project. It is licensed for use on both Windows computers and Macintosh computers, as well as many other operation systems, and is efficient for use on them. It has had over 300 million downloads, and is one of the most popular multimedia players on the internet today. Playing 3GP files on VLC Media Player is achieved through VLC’s GUI (graphical user interface). Sometimes an additional codec is required, such as the h.264 codec, in order to play the 3GP file in VLC Media Player. However, playing 3GP files on VLC Media Player can usually be achieved without the download of an additional coded due to built in support. VLC Media Player and the 3GP file format make a perfect match for playing multimedia when used with proper codecs and operating systems.

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